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Guiding you on your journey to heal from within.

Discover your inner light.

I want to help you re-connect to your consciousness to activate deep healing from within. You have the ability to heal yourself - whether it is emotionally or physically or both. Let me show you how.

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Meet Ana

I always had a deep knowing that we are more than just human beings. In fact - we are much more than that. And the best way I can describe this incredibly complex and abstract idea of what we truly are is through one singular word: consciousness. We are consciousness having a human experience at this exact moment in time. The world we currently live in is tragically out of balance and I want to do my part in helping to bring it back into harmony.

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Let’s find your light within

Healing Sessions

My 1:1 healing sessions are designed to activate deep healing within yourself. I let consciousness work through me to give you exactly the healing experience you need at this moment in time.

Tarot Readings

My tarot readings offer guidance on any situation you find yourself in. I am connecting to my own spirit team to give you messages that come from the heart to help you move forwards in life.

Real Magic

We truly live in a magical world when we allow ourselves to heal from our traumas and limiting beliefs. You are more than the negative voice in your head. Let me show you how truly wonderful this life can be.

what they’re saying

I listened to her meditation and immediately felt much more relaxed. At the beginning my heart was beating fast, but it became slower and calmer. At the moment I have a lot of stress and some exams coming up, but after the meditation I feel much more relaxed. I try not to put myself under pressure and trust myself. In the meantime I became a bit emotional because I often doubt myself. Your words do me good. Thank you. I’ll listen to the meditation more often from now on! Sometimes I worry about things and tend to overthink, but your words will help me with my worries.


This healing meditation works so well, I feel so relaxed and so much better now. I could feel an energy flowing to my head and my heart. It was a wonderful experience so thank you so much!


I feel like you infused an intention on the meditation, cause no matter how good I was to listen to it, how much I gave attention to your words, it always had an effect on me, in a really good way. And the fact that some phrases show up and make my attention pop like this in specific parts, not always the same, proves it puts my consciousness in a certain state. Depending on the Chakra I have an issue with on a certain day, the meditation clearly reveals it and helps us balancing it out. I still don’t know why but sometimes my mind gets away from the meditation and some issues pop up, worries, whatever is in the center of my anxiety will show up, but it is a good thing I guess because it shows what I have to let go of. I noticed that when I don’t have an issue with a certain thing on a day, the parts where you mention related issues I will almost not hear. On days it is difficult for me, could be sugar addiction, neck pain, I will hear your mention of it and notice it.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because you truly touched my inner child. Even though I’ve already healed her pain, it’s therapeutic to hear such important messages. because she is enough and always was. I will absolutely love to use this audio further. Additionally your voice is so calming, I really loved listening to it!


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