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Guiding you on your journey to heal from within.

Discover your inner light.

I want to help you find the light within again and show you that you have the ability to heal yourself - whether it is emotionally, physically or both.

my story

Meet Ana

I always had a deep knowing that we are more than just human beings. In fact - we are much more than that. And the best way I can describe this incredibly complex and abstract idea of what we truly are is through one singular word: consciousness. We are consciousness having a human experience at this exact moment in time. The world we currently live in is tragically out of balance and I want to do my part in helping to bring it back into harmony.

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Let’s find your light within

Healing Sessions

My healing sessions are designed to show you how you can heal yourself. I am working with a variety of different tools to give you exactly the healing experience you need at this moment in time.

Tarot Readings

My tarot readings offer guidance on any situation you find yourself in. I am connecting to your consciousness to give you messages that come from the heart to help you move forwards in life.


If you find yourself being stuck and unable to break out of your negative thinking patterns, these sessions will show you what changes you need to make in order to start living life from the heart.

what they’re saying

I cannot express my gratitude for your reading in enough words. It has been both cathartic and healing but also empowering and reinforcing. I know more of what I now need to do to move forward and I also have more confidence in my decisions to be able to do this. After your reading I felt so much lighter than I have in a long time and I want to thank you so much for that. I also just want anyone reading this to know that this is something so positive to do for yourself but also so profound. Ana is wonderful and her reading comes back so easy to read but also beautifully presented. To Ana I just want to send you a huge thank you. This is something I will come back to again and again and I would highly recommend Ana to anyone reading this.

I have reached out to Ana for a tarot reading and I would recommend it to everyone. I follow Ana also on Instagram, which in fact convinced me to contact her. Ana is a very professional and kind person. The tarot reading is to the point and everything just makes sense. All the words resonated inside me. I will reach out to Ana again for sure. I took this experience as a personal discussion between me and my consciousness and Ana was amazing to provide this very important discussion. Highly recommended and also in terms of practicalities it was very easy to book the reading.


I feel like you infused an intention on the meditation, cause no matter how good I was to listen to it, how much I gave attention to your words, it always had an effect on me, in a really good way. And the fact that some phrases show up and make my attention pop like this in specific parts, not always the same, proves it puts my consciousness in a certain state. Depending on the Chakra I have an issue with on a certain day, the meditation clearly reveals it and helps us balancing it out. I still don’t know why but sometimes my mind gets away from the meditation and some issues pop up, worries, whatever is in the center of my anxiety will show up, but it is a good thing I guess because it shows what I have to let go of. I noticed that when I don’t have an issue with a certain thing on a day, the parts where you mention related issues I will almost not hear. On days it is difficult for me, could be sugar addiction, neck pain, I will hear your mention of it and notice it.


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, because you truly touched my inner child. Even though I’ve already healed her pain, it’s therapeutic to hear such important messages. because she is enough and always was. I will absolutely love to use this audio further. Additionally your voice is so calming, I really loved listening to it!


I listened to her meditation and immediately felt much more relaxed. At the beginning my heart was beating fast, but it became slower and calmer. At the moment I have a lot of stress and some exams coming up, but after the meditation I feel much more relaxed. I try not to put myself under pressure and trust myself. In the meantime I became a bit emotional because I often doubt myself. Your words do me good. Thank you. I’ll listen to the meditation more often from now on! Sometimes I worry about things and tend to overthink, but your words will help me with my worries.


This healing meditation works so well, I feel so relaxed and so much better now. I could feel an energy flowing to my head and my heart. It was a wonderful experience so thank you so much!

I can personally speak to the beauty and healing power of a session with Ana. I met her for the first time recently, and can honestly say, it was very much worth it! Not only did I feel the healing affect of Ana, but she is also warm, caring and a joy to chat with. I highly recommend you seek her and find out how she can help you find the healing you need.

I follow Ana on TikTok and her videos have always popped up when I needed extra clarity. I decided to FINALLY book a personal reading with her and I’m so happy that I did. She gave me so much insight on a situation that I was struggling with. She gave me a detailed description of the cards and their meanings and any other messages my guides had. She’s such a magical light-being and would highly recommend a reading from her. ❤️


Dear Ana Céline, Thank you so much for your responsiveness and the quality of your work during the healing session.
I love your work with the consciousness and the help and support of the archangels and celestial team. Much appreciated! I felt a big release during and after the session. It is amazing the way you operate. Thank you as well for the generosity of time you dedicated to the healing session. I highly recommend your service!


I had the pleasure to have booked two sessions with Ana (mentorship and healing). Since the first one I could feel the benefit of the healing. I began the session with a panic attack and finished it feeling calm, at peace and connected. So worth it!Ana gave me a lot of tools and feedback after the session, everything was personalized. The healing session was also very powerful and calming, I felt everything. For each session I felt a big release, and the light coming back in my body. I’ve done a lot of exercises with different therapists but these ones are so effective and easy to do that I was a bit surprised. For each session or feedback Ana was so caring, attentive and joyful. It was a pleasure each time. Thank you Ana from the bottom of my heart.



First of all, I am so grateful to have met you. You are a lovely person full of positive energies and of a good heart. During my sessions, we treated the issue of rape during my childhood when I was 7. I have just discovered it a few weeks ago while doing a spiritual regression, and still today, I had the feeling of shame and blame on myself, which I should not have as I was not the perpetrator. But, unfortunately, we, as the victim, we think we are responsible for this.

Thanks to your healing session, I could let go of the blame and release the heavy weight from my shoulder. I could also see my past lives, which were concerned by the rape. A lot more came, as unexpected, and I, with your help and support, could really release a lot more from my body.

Many times, I have felt down because of the process of thinking. As you truly said, we should more focus on our heart than on our mind as the mind pushes us back to what we do not want to think about and, on the contrary, the heart enables us to forgive and forget the emotions of the past.

Heaps of thanks for what you did.


For anyone looking to clear negative energy or emotions, you will not regret being part of Ana’s healing meditation groups.

After just a couple of sessions, my view on life is changing. I understand myself better and find it easier to release stress and negative thinking patterns. Ana’s sessions are helping me change my mindset, I’ve started being so much kinder to myself and focusing on positives rather than berating myself about things I haven’t done or things I did do in the past. This mindset change has greatly improved my relationships with others, some of which I thought were impossible to change.

I always leave Ana’s sessions feeling lighter, calmer and inspired for the week ahead. I’m also gaining knowledge and tips from the group, when they share their situation or ask questions. I’m extremely grateful that I found Ana and began following her accounts.

Ana Céline is light and peace all around, starting from her voice and her positive energy. I have been taking the healing meditations and have been enormously helpful, just straight my energy into a right and magic direction that helps me to kick-off a good day and week ahead. I had, as well, the mentorship session which gave me a good guideline and self-healing process that has helped me beyond words. Just recommend Ana for any experience with her and I’m so grateful to have met her. Thank you beyond words!

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