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Adding Layers

I recently got my hair cut and I went for some soft layers and a long fringe for a change. What do you guys think? I absolutely love my new hair and I can’t wait to try out some hairstyles,…

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Refresh Your Skin With The Biotherm Life Plankton Mild Creamy Peel

(Werbung) I received the Mild Creamy Peel from Biotherm in PR a couple of weeks ago and a lot of you on my Instagram requested a more in depth review once I’ve tested it thoroughly. So today I want to…

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My Evening Skincare Routine

Today I want to share my updated evening skincare routine. While I like to keep my skincare in the morning pretty minimal and only use three products in total, my evening skincare regime is a lot more thorough. At night,…

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My Morning Skincare Routine

You know there’s no other topic I like to talk about more than skincare! I’ve recently switched up my morning and evening skincare routine because I’ve discovered a couple of new products that I absolutely adore and just had to…

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